€49.00 per m2 Regular price


Material: Non-Vowen, laminate

Width Panels: 45 cm

Dimension: Customized per order

Minimum order: 2 m2 (Square meter)



Delivery: 14 days (Worldwide Shipping) 


* All wallpapers are fireproof, free from PVC plastic, and allergy safe.



Our design and stories are thoughtfully selected, illustrated, hand-drawn and digitally coloured by our artists. 

Scroll and find various color suggestions that help match the wallpaper with colours of the room from our expert interior designers.

Any marks from pens and crayons can be removed with a brush. 

We believe in the importance for kids growing up in safe environments with a playful atmosphere that inspires and creates joy.

You will find beautiful, playful children's tapestries on Lily and the Wall with fairy tales and motifs from various recognisable places around the world.

Our stories and designs are created for children and parents to enjoy together. Great for sharing exciting tales at bedtime, or playtime when your children get together with friends.