Kids Room Wallpapers

Surprise your little one with a cool new wallpaper! Our unique design wallpaper collections are full of exciting themes and characters that will make your kid’s room a fun space that they will cherish every day. The Lily and the Wall creative team of interior designers and artists design every piece of wallpaper mural with a lot of passion and love. It is a real imagination booster for the little people!

As each kid has their own precious personality, support their choices - show them our playful themes! We offer a wide range of unique, hand-drawn wallpapers suitable for both a boy room and a girl room. Each wallpaper comes with a delightful storybook about Lily and her friends on spectacular adventures around the world. We all know that toddlers and babies are full of energy so some boring wall design doesn’t attract them much. We design wonderful nursery wallpaper collections for your kid’s bedroom which is playful and imaginative.

Have a quick look at our exclusive, unique and thoughtful wallpaper murals and pick the one which is the most suitable for your kid’s mood & interest!