Designing A Playroom: The Ultimate Guide

Playrooms are spaces for creativity, dreaming, and a lot of fun. There is no other place that could boost your child imagination like their own playing space. Designing a playroom could be very exciting due to the endless possibilities you face. But have you thought about its practical matters?

The Lily and the Wall team consists of experienced interior designers who have planned multiple kids spaces. We put together a guide that will help you make good decisions when it comes to your child’s very own playroom.

Let’s get started!

1. Get your child involved

Even the slightest involvement would create a strong connection between the kids and their playroom. While taking your children’s interests into consideration should be a “no-brainer”, it is sometimes a detail that parents overlook. Brainstorm ideas with them. Figure out exactly what they want. You might be surprised by how many new things you could learn!

2. Plan your budget

Think about how much you would like to spend on the playroom. While some of us are ready to invest a lot to make their kids happy, others would need to achieve it on a budget. Planning your budget in advance is essential - unless you want to end up broke or with an incomplete playroom.

3. Choose a style and/or a theme

Designing a playroom allows great flexibility - you could match it to the rest of the house...or choose to be completely different.
When it comes to kids room themes and styles, the existing possibilities are almost endless.
Here are some of our favorites:

Parisian theme - Chic and sophisticated, the Parisian theme is a wonderful choice for a girly playroom. 

Under-the-Sea theme - Ever dreamt about exploring the depths of the ocean? This playful theme would excite the little marine in your child.

Space theme - A fun and imagination boosting theme that is suitable for every child that likes rockets, spaceships, and mysterious creatures.

For more theme inspiration, visit our product page

4. Add a “wow” element

Let’s be honest - if there is one room in the house that should drive excitement at a high level, that would be the playroom. It should be fun, bright, colorful and attention driving. Your child should be proud and have something to show off to their friends when they play together. Adding wallpaper by Lily and the Wall would work perfectly. It is a detail that will not only get the children’s attention but also impress the adults.

5. Choose the furniture

Think about how would the child use this room. Would they only play or would they also draw, hand-craft, dance, learn? Choose the furniture accordingly. We would advise you to invest in high-quality pieces that will survive longer.

6. Evaluate storage options

Managing the clutter is one of the biggest playroom challenges! How do you keep it tidy with so many toys around? Consider using both open and closed storage boxes. You will definitely need some shelves too.

7. Make a shopping list

Do you have a clear picture of the dream playroom in your mind yet? Once you identify your budget and your child needs, you can start researching online and ordering your interior items.
Some of the purchases you might need to make include: 

  • Paint
  • Wallpapers
  • Shelves
  • Storage Boxes
  • Rugs
  • Table and chairs
Roll up your sleeves! Your child smile would be worth it.

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