5 Trendy Colors For Kids Room Interiors in 2019

Whether we agree with this or not, our home says a lot about ourselves. Most of us have difficulties in choosing the right colors for it. Shall we just leave the walls white? Not at all! White walls would mean a lost opportunity to add spirit to your living environment. It becomes even more difficult when you have to decide about the part of the house that belongs to your child.

If you want the kids’ room to be trendy and to be fun at the same time, we are here to help. Here is a roundup of the interior color trends for 2019.

1. Navy Blue

Do you know that blue is constantly claimed to be the favorite color of most people?
The deep and dark blue palette is a perfect choice for spaces with an abundance of natural light. It creates a warmth that it difficult to be achieved through other colors. The color’s relaxing effect makes it preferable for bedrooms. One of the reasons to be so popular among kids’ focused interior designers is that it is fun, too!

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2. Dusty Green

The green palette is having a moment in 2019! Dusty-colored walls seem to have a classic and vintage appeal. We recommend using the green in your child’s playroom or play corner because it is a full of life color and a great mood enhancer.

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3. Dusty Rose

Another dusty trend that we are in love with! If you have a little girl and you are just obsessed with pink - you’ve come to the right place! When it comes to baby girl nursery or little princess room, we are sure that pink nuances would never go out of fashion. Dusty Rose is the bold replacement of the pale pink for 2019. Use this color for your baby room and you will draw some serious attention.

4. Light Blue

Light blue walls will create a welcomed and peaceful atmosphere in any space. This color is especially suitable for a baby boy’s room.
Want more reasons to choose it? Pale blue matches with almost any other color.

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5. Beige

Beige shades are associated with minimalism. The white is slowly getting out of fashion, freeing up its place for beige tones. In 2019, even in Scandinavian homes, white walls are fewer and fewer.
Pro tip: Be careful with picking up the right beige. There is a risk of ending up with a yellowish or pinkish wall.

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