4 Trendy Themes For A Girl Bedroom

As kids are spending a lot of time between those four walls, making their room extra special should come as a no brainer. When it comes to designing a girly room, pink is the color used by default. We are certain that creating a chick room for a little girl in no way means that you need to use pink and nothing else. There are more than enough ways to get creative with color schemes, patterns, and themes. The Lily and the Wall team of interior designers selected 4 girl room themes that both you and your little one will fall in love with. Keep reading!

1. Paris

Paris or “the city of lights” symbolizes femininity and romance. “Parisian girl” is one of the most popular themes for a sophisticated girl’s room. There are endless possibilities to implement Paris in your little one's bedroom design. Consider using Paris-themed furniture, mirrors, bedding, rugs. A single thing that the room won’t be complete without is the Eiffel tower wall decor. The Lily and the Wall Bonsoir Paris wallpaper mural will add a French touch to any room and bring in a bit of glamour.

Unique Wallpaper For Walls

2. Circus

A circus theme can help turn a child’s bedroom into a truly exciting place with very little effort. The circus motifs are very interesting by themselves. You can add toys that can also be played with to really help to bring the circus theme to life. Using circus-themed wall decor would boost the look further. Our beautifully designed wallpapers are available in several different colors. We would recommend dusty pink, beige and light grey that would perfectly suit a girl’s bedroom.

Magical World Wallpaper

3. Air Balloons

We think that there is something extremely fascinating about air balloons. They would take you to the sky, showing you a different view of the world. Air balloons is a unique room design theme that allows your little one’s imagination to soar. The Lily and the Wall wallpapers contain this magical motif. They are accompanied by a storybook about Lily’s adventures while she is traveling on a hot air balloon around the world, that will boost the wallpaper’s effect even further.

Nursery Wallpaper

If you like the Air Balloon theme but would prefer a more simple or Scandinavian-styled wall decor, check out our repeated patterns wallpapers. They are available in six subtle, yet stylish colors.

Wallpaper For Girls Room

4. Classic White & Pink

Colors are the first thing to notice in any child’s room. Little people love everything around them to be colorful. Pink is clearly associated with girls and women. You might want to use more subtle pastel accents that provide a soft, calming feel to the room. They are especially suitable for a baby girl nursery. If you are decorating a toddler or an older child room, we would recommend using brighter and bolder pink nuances. Add some sparkle to the classics with a wallpaper mural by Lily and the Wall.

Kids Bedroom Wallpaper

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