4 Trendy Themes For A Boy Room

If you are here, reading this right now, it is most likely time to refresh your little boy’s room. Wondering where to start? Doubtful if you need to hire an interior designer? We know that you as a parent want to give the best to your child...and the process could be intimidating. Therefore, we selected four of our favorite bedroom themes for a boy that will grow up with him in the years to come. Whatever you choose, remember that kids spend a long time in their personal spaces - so it is worth it to make it super special. Let’s get inspired!

1. Space

As kids are growing up and learning about the space, many of them are absolutely fascinated by it. It boosts their imagination more than anything else. A common dream among the little boys is becoming an astronaut when they grow up. Maybe your little man will really do? Who knows.

When designing a space-themed room, the wall covering plays a significant role in the overall atmosphere. You should add space-related motifs like rocket, spaceship, planets. And why not some interesting unearthly creatures?

Unique Wallpaper For Walls


2. Classic Blue and White

We just can’t miss mentioning the classics - blue and white. If you are looking for a simple way to decorate your little man’s room there is nothing more suitable. Bedrooms in blue and white can be subtle and calming, or bold and energetic. You can choose different shades to fit your personal preferences and needs or your boy’s age.

For younger kids, we would recommend using lighter blue shades that will add a soothing and relaxing vibe to the room. Older kids are more interested in playing and learning about the world - make it super exciting for them. Bet on bold navy and add a bright attention-catching detail.

Boy Room Wallpaper

3. Under the Sea

Deep sea could be as interesting and exciting for the little ones as the unknown space. That’s just one of the reasons why it makes a wonderful theme for a boy’s room. Cover the walls with sea motifs - that will create a feeling of under the sea experience. The sea is full of wonderful animals - so should be your boy’s room, if you pick this theme. The sea creatures on the Lily and the Wall wallpapers are so adorable and would make perfect best friends for your little one. If you decide on this theme - it doesn’t mean it should be entirely blue and green as the colors of the ocean are. You can choose between 6 different trendy colors to match your home style. We are certain that beige would work perfectly!

4. African safari

Does your child love animals? If he is too young to take him on an African safari, why not bring the safari right into his room? Most kids love seeing lions, zebras, and hippos at the zoo - if yours is one of them, having a design around their motifs would be a suitable room-theme choice. Consider complementing it by a Wild Africa wallpaper by Lily and the Wall. It can help you achieve clean and modern room design while keeping it fun for the kids!

Magical Wallpaper

If you picked your main theme, you are ready to start creating! Don’t forget to get your child involved. Check out our blog for more tips and tricks that will make it easier and more fun.