4 Tips To Help You Design A Shared Kids Bedroom

There are plenty of families with two (or more) kids, whose house space won’t allow a separate room for each little human. Sharing a room with a sibling has a great number of benefits - even though kids might not realize it at an early age. It creates a stronger bond between brothers and sisters and has the potential to create long lasting memories.

All these options, themes and colors...where should you start? If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed - we are here to help. Designing a shared kids room shouldn’t be challenging - it is actually a lot of fun! Here are some tips that will give you an initial direction and help you to get inspired:

1. Consider each child’s age and gender

Yes, we know - this one should come as a no brainer. If the two (or more) siblings have a serious age gap between each other, this might make the shared room design even more confusing. Every child has their own tastes, likes, and temperaments - if the kids' age differs greatly it is more likely those elements to have a huge difference as well. In such a case, we would recommend dividing the space into three zones - two private areas for each child and a shared zone. The same tip would apply if a boy and a girl are sharing a room together.

2. Go neutral

Long gone are the days when the only color used to decorate a girl’s room was pink and for a boy’s room - blue. If the room you are designing is to be shared by a brother and a sister you can use and match many other colors too. If you like clean lines or the rest of the house is in the Scandinavian color palette, you might want to use neutral colors. And here we don’t mean only white, gray and beige - you can also go green, purple or navy. With the wall covering, consider the Lily and the Wall Nordic-inspired wallpaper line. A playful wallpaper will help you to avoid the risk of making the kids’ room too boring.

Wallpaper For Girls Room

3. Save space

Go for practical solutions and make use of every inch of space in the house! On the market today, you can find great multifunctional pieces of furniture that have more than one duty. The easiest and simplest way to save space in a shared kids’ room is by choosing a lofted bed design. It will leave some space on the floor for playing, hanging out or just moving around.

Kids Mural Wallpaper

4. Go storage-wise

Finding storage space for two people in a single room is probably the most challenging task when designing a shared kids’ room. Built-in storage furniture can help you keep the space organized while leaving big enough open area. Consider using shelves and beautiful storage boxes that match the theme of the room. This is a solution for both storage and decoration problems.

Unique Design Wallpaper

Pro tip: Don’t miss getting your kids involved in the process and call up your imagination and creativity. Regardless of the challenges, the main goal for the kids’ space is - being fun!