3 Steps To Transform A Nursery Into A Toddler Room

Feels like it was just yesterday when your little one was a baby! Now, they are quite independent toddlers, moving around, mastering the arts of talking and walking.

Are you planning to convert the nursery into a toddler room? When it comes to older kids' room, it’s important that they are safe, cozy and sleep-friendly. The toddler room should encourage sleep but also play. If that’s your first child, creating the perfect toddler space could take trial and error.

To help you, we put together a few steps to turning a nursery into a toddler room plus tips on easing the transition process for everyone.

1. Switch to a toddler bed

First, how do you know that your child is ready to move on from the crib? Actually, the timing is different for every child. Is he 12-18 months old? Is he climbing out of his crib on a daily basis? Or maybe he is asking for a big kid bed? You might just need the crib for a baby number 2? These are just a few of the signs that the time has come.

Before you start the transition process (before you even buy a new bed) make sure that you have prepared your child. It would be great if you could place the new bed in the same position where the crib was.

Get them excited about the new item! Reading books is a wonderful way to introduce the idea. You can let them pick the bed if it is possible.

Tip: If you’re feeling nervous about bedtime safety, installing a bed rail can help you not losing sleep over the transition.

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2. Create a play corner

Toddlers are curious, energetic and playful little humans - their rooms should reflect these qualities. Now, their needs for play are increasing. Utilize the corner space and turn it into a play zone that will encourage exploring the world through play. The little space that is dedicated to playing, sets boundaries for the toys and gives kids guidance as they are growing up and learning to clean up by themselves. Adding as much color as possible would boost their imagination and help them in the process of developing their cognitive skills.

Tip: You might want to skip this step if you have space at home to dedicate to an entire playroom for your child. Is that your case? Then, check out our guide on designing a playroom.

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3. Add a little table/desk

Toddlers just love drawing. Consider adding an easily accessible desk with at least one small drawer where they could store crayons, markers, paper, and coloring books. Support the little artist in your child! Keep their creativity up and encourage them to craft more and more.

Pro tip: Sometimes, toddlers’ drawings could go beyond their coloring books - right on your freshly painted walls. Consider using wallpaper that is crayon resistant. Crayon marks can be easily cleaned with a brush on all the Lily and the Wall Wallpapers.

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