Twinkle Twinkle Little STAR

Playful Scandinavian design of Wallpapers for Kids

Designed by Swedish lifestyle brand Lily and the Wall

Find the perfect wallpaper for your child’s bedroom, nursery, or play area.

Dreamy illustrations

Your room is the happiest place...

Cosy, Warmth & Luxurious Feeling...

Create A Magical World For Your Little One

Another Perspective

Our wallpapers will give children a view of their world from above.


We specialise in designing kids wallpaper murals and have developed a unique wallpaper concept followed by storybooks.

At Lily and the Wall, we aim to tell a story with every wallpaper design. The young minds of children need something inspiring and imaginative around them. They need something that can ignite their imagination, spark their playfulness, and keep their minds calm. Lily & the Wall creates such an atmosphere in your kids’ rooms with elegant children's wall murals. We understand that every kid thinks differently, that’s why our huge collection carries kids wall murals infusing different moods with each design

Flying Airplanes Up Airballoons The Deep Sea Funny Circus Amazing Space

Theme pattern series

Wallpaper line/ 2020

Our popular motifs are now available in various trendy colors and different themes. Beautiful patterns to cover your walls with.

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Lily´s Wallpaper Stories

Explore our popular wallpapers with stories collection "The Lily´s stories".

Each wallpaper has a unique story. Buy the book or get the pdf for free.

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Wallpaper Theme Series

Our popular motifs with various colors are available in different themes as a beautiful pattern. 

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