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The different wallpapers depict recognisable places around our beautiful world. 

Wallpapers with Recognisable Places

We travel more then ever today and the world have became much more accessible. Our different wallpapers depict recognisable places around our world. 

Designed, written and created for parents to enjoy together with their kids. Share the favourite journey or destination. Great for sharing exciting tales at bedtime, or playtime when your children get together with friends.

To help make the world a better place for children everywhere, Lily and the Wall supports UNICEF in their mission to create hope, love, play, laughter and a safe environment for every child.

By choosing Lily and the Wall, you will also help by contributing to a better world.

Thank you!


"Dream Big Little One"

Lily's Magical World

Feature Collection

The adventure starts here...

"Our wallpaper stories are created to give children a view of their world from above".

Environmental Friendly

All our products are environmental friendly and CE-Marked according to the high for wallpaper. 

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We absolutely love our new wallpaper. It looks amazing in our dauthers room. 

/ Karen, Canada

This must be the most beautiful wallpapers I have seen for kids. Thank you for all the help!

/Lina, Spain

Great service, fast delivery and beautiful wallpapers.

/Stan, Belgium

Our little son love his new room with "the great bridge" wallpaper. I can just agree.

Amanda, London

We have got the wallpaper "Bonsoir Paris" in our playroom at the kindergarden. It was very popular... 

/Christina, Berlin

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